Illustration reveals the hidden structures of mathematics, broadening access to its inherent beauty and pushing the boundaries of research. We seek to enhance professional support and recognition for illustration, pursuing mathematical depth and high-quality communication.


Mathematical understanding is built in many ways. Among these, illustration has been a companion and tool to research for as long as research has taken place.  We use the term illustration to encompass any of the many ways one might bring a mathematical idea into physical form or experience, including computer visualization, 3D printing, and virtual reality, among others.  With modern tools, illustration can even make mathematics an experimental science, so that computational results can drive the cycle of problem, conjecture, and proof. Today, modern technology for the first time places the production of far more complicated 3D models within the reach of many individual mathematicians. Moreover, the very process of illustration itself challenges our understanding of a mathematical topic and forces us to answer questions we may not have posed otherwise.

This website is dedicated to form and support a community of mathematical illustrators. You can find and spotlight events, community members, and projects here. For an interactive discussion, we refer to our Discord Server

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